Aquatic Landscapes

The public swimming pool in Böblingen is the highlight during summer time.  Within its ~3,300 square feet it has a flow channel, pressure water streams, Jacuzzi couches and a long water slide. In addition it has an olympic size swimming pool for ambiguous swimmers, while old shady trees offer spend shadow.

Telephone: +49 (0) 7031 / 219 213

Further the Indoor public pool is with its 25m pool, a Jacuzzi and a non swimmer pool, also offers a spa area with sauna and steambath.

Telephone: +49 (0) 7031 / 219 211

Thu, 05-12-2019 , 8.30 Uhr - 11.00 Uhr

Donnerstags Frühstück


Wir bieten Ihnen donnerstags unser neues, vielseitiges Frühstücksangebot.  Von 8:30 bis 11.00 Uhr reichen wir Ihnen ein leckeres Frühstück.


Café Emil, Bürgercafé im Stadtteilzentrum Diezenhalde

Café Emil, Bürgercafé im Stadtteilzentrum Diezenhalde
Freiburger Allee 44
71034 Böblingen


Café Emil