Welcome to Böblingen

You have reached your destination, where ambitions meet talents

This city combines a unique combination of world class high-Tech companies, innovative software designers, creative start-up companies and traditional Swabian enterprises with creative and intelligent engineering solutions, which makes Böblingen a place "where ambitions meet talents".

Here we combine Europe’s largest pool of innovation, with a remarkable high percentage of graduates creating a vast amount of high qualified and specialized jobs in our steadily growing population. Our citizens value the high standard of living as well as the excellent business location with it’s ideal logistic connections by Autobahn and airport. The prime mix of leisure, sport and culture present great opportunities for all attitudes of life. Allow yourself to be touched by our city, and you will discover that you have reached your destination!

Inspiring your discovery There are multiple options which are ready to be discovered here in Böblingen. With its suitable business hotels Get fascinated with the Automobile culture at the “Meilenwerk”, get relaxed in the local Spa “Mineraltherme”, get impressed by the performances at our Event location “Kongresshalle”, find your optimal business partner for Research & Developments projects, or visit the indoor leisure park “Sensapolis” like all our other thousands of our regular guests. To guide you easily to these locations we have marked the GSP data to all points of interest next to the pictures with the QR Codes.

Moreover we provide a guideline (4.565 MiB) for foreign professionals who recently moved to Böblingen.​

Please get comfortable in our City.