The beneficial location of Böblingen

All roads lead to Böblingen

Railroad, Commuter Rail System and the city roads Böblingen/Sindelfingen are connected very well. Located only 20km away from the Stuttgart airport and the international fair, it is only a 20 min. drive away.

Taking a deep breath in the city

Gentle hills, 5 lakes, close to forest, meadows and fields defines the landscape in which the urban center of Böblingen is located. For relaxation you will find here nice benches with a view, fantasy full playgrounds for children, flower gardens, cafés and beer gardens right near the shopping districts of the town, which creates a perfect combination for the whole family.

Living quality is one of the key factors Böblingen wants to ensure for it’s 47,500 inhabitants, 25,000 commuters and it’s more then 10,000 business travellers, as well as countless day guests. Therefore Böblingen did and is doing some significant initiatives around the center lakes and in the pedestrian zones, in order to maintain it’s attractiveness.

The “Wandelhalle”

In the midst of the city garden at the upper lake (Oberer See) you will find an impressive architectural highlight of Böblingen, the “Wandelhalle”. With its 228 white steel pillars, its length of 152m and it’s illumination at night makes this impressive construction a real highlight at any time of the day or year.

All season long

The upper lake (Oberer See) is known as the smallest sailing location in the world. You may also choose between either pedal or row boats (available at the boathouse), or enjoy in the winter time when the Lake freezes and go ice skating.

Sparkling Holiday light’s mirroring themselves in the lower lake during the Christmas Market at the beginning of December. During the summer season the same location is used for many different city events, like Arts & Garden, or the lake side festival.